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We're here for you. Call a health educator toll free at 1-855-856-2424 to find answers to your questions about Non-24.

Living with Non-24

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Realities of living with Non-24

In this video, Lynn and Terri talk about how Non-24 affects their lives and the people they care about.

Your Non-24 toolkit

Phil, age 48: "I structured a lifestyle that fits with my Non-24. As a freelance writer, I can choose when I write. So if early morning is what I have, I sit down and work."

Here are a few tools to help you understand more about Non-24, and help your doctor and other people you know understand the effect that the symptoms of Non-24 have on your life.

  1. Learn about the relationship between blindness and Non-24
  2. Print Non-24 Fact Sheets and give them to people in your life to help educate them about Non-24
  3. Use the Doctor Discussion Guide to help make your next appointment more productive

  4. Listen to Living with Non-24

The audio above discusses the symptoms of Non-24, and how to get help from doctors and health educators.

Non-24 health educators-by-phone

For when you need answers—or a level of understanding—beyond what you get when you speak with your family, friends, or doctor, we've created a team of Non-24 health educators who can help.

Just call toll free 1-855-856-2424.